Health Benefits

As we age and the amount of collagen in our body starts to decline, our risk of developing joint-related conditions increases. When joints are damaged, especially through arthritis, they become inflamed, causing stiffness, swelling, and pain. This may progress over time, allowing our bodies to become debilitated and limiting our activities. Individuals suffering from arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis, can benefit from consuming collagen supplementation as this will aid in the increase of bone density and cartilage, allowing for pain relief. Thorough studies have concluded that daily collagen supplementation, especially collagen hydrolysate, can have significant improvements on osteoarthritis symptoms. Improvements include pain reduction, decreased stiffness, and reduced loss of joint range of motion. Thus, collagen hydrolysate is of interest in the long-term treatment of osteoarthritis and joint disorders due to its high level of safety and therapeutic properties. Collagen supplementation can also aid in the treatment of bone disorders, such as osteoporosis. As we age, our bone mass deteriorates and we are at higher risk for bone fractures. As we age we also lose muscle mass, which is essential to keep our muscles strong. By consuming collagen we help our bones and muscles remain strong and firm, especially as we age.

Collagen has also been proven to promote heart health. Collagen contains proline, an amino acid that supports the reduction of fat deposits in the bloodstream and helps repair tissue within the arteries. Additionally, collagen and Vitamin C are directly linked in the support of heart health; research has shown that when Vitamin C levels drop, collagen production is reduced allowing for blood vessels to become thinner and weaker. Vitamin C deficiency disrupts collagen production, which limit the support to blood vessels and organs, such as the heart. Healthy levels of collagen, especially of the amino acids Proline and Lysine, are encouraged in order to prevent heart disease and keep our hearts strong and healthy.

Collagen also supports digestion and helps prevent leaky gut syndrome. Our digestive system is composed of the same amino acids that are present in collagen. Collagen supplementation can help support and repair the lining of the stomach and intestines that is worn out as we age and consume unhealthy foods. Collagen contains Glycine, which aids in the production of stomach acids, reduces inflammation, and helps our bodies absorb nutrients, allowing us to digest food easier and faster.

Since collagen supports the connective tissue on most of our skin, muscle, ligaments, and tendons, its health benefits are endless when consumed moderately and in the right quantities.