Exercise Benefits

When we exercise, especially over long periods of time, our body is bound to exhaustion and to the reduction of protein. Active adults can benefit from collagen supplementation, as this would facilitate the building and repair of muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments that are worn out during exercise. Continuous activity can decrease the levels of collagen in the body, making our joints stiff, inflexible, and unhealthy, all of which negatively impact our performance.  A trial conducted during a 24-week period in athletes that suffered from exercise-related joint pain proved that athletes that consumed collagen had reduced pain that contributed to their athletic performance.

Collagen supplementation also aids in wound and injury healing, which is vital for athletes engaging in strenuous sports and exercise. Consuming collagen post workout reduces our bodies’ recovery time by quickly healing damaged tissue; its high amino acid content makes it ideal for muscle repair. Whether you’re running a marathon, hitting up the next yoga class, or swift walking through the neighborhood, your body will benefit from the smooth healing and repair that collagen can provide.