Cosmetic Benefits

It’s no secret that collagen contains anti-aging properties that keep our skin looking young, fresh, and healthy. As we age, collagen production decreases which results in our skin feeling dry, with fine lines and wrinkles. Combine that with sun exposure and smoking, and the elasticity in our skin starts to deteriorate at a faster rate, surprisingly commencing after the age of 25. Consequently, promoting collagen production and formation can positively affect the appearance of our skin by boosting skin moisture, hydration, and elasticity.

Why do so many turn to collagen to help improve skin appearance? Collagen can help you fight fine lines and wrinkles, thus making our skin look younger and fresh. By consuming collagen we increase our body's collagen stock which has a direct effect on the way our skin looks and feels. It also helps our skin fight dryness and dehydration. A study conducted to determine the effect of daily collagen intake on skin hydration proved that collagen, consumed after a 4-week period, improved skin aging by reducing the fragmentation of collagen. Such effect on skin hydration persisted after 12 weeks. Hydrated skin leads to younger looking skin! 

Collagen also helps improve skin appearance by improving skin elasticity. A study, primarily focused on women aged 35-55 years consuming collagen during an 8-week period, demonstrated how skin elasticity, especially in elderly women, had significantly higher levels, with skin hydration and evaporation having a positive treatment influence on the group analysis. Is collagen the ultimate cure for aging? It's debatable, but we're certainly biased and all for it! 

Collagen also plays a key role in hair growth, strenght and regeneration. Hair is primary composed of keratin, which is produced when there is enough amino acids in our blood stream. The presence of amino acids can increase through collagen, which, in turn, produces more keratin. More keratin means healthier, thicker and stronger hair. 

Collagen also supports blood flow to the scalp, which facilitates the delivery of  nutrients to hair follicles, allowing for hair growth. 

As if the benefits of collagen on our skin and hair wasn't enough, collagen also helps our nails grow and stay fortified. When nails start breaking and splitting, it's time to boost up on collagen. A recent study demonstrated how after 24 weeks of daily collagen supplementation participants showed increased nail growth and a reduction of brittle nails. Participants also noticed an improvement in nail appearance, even after 4 weeks of post-treatment. 

Collagen keeps our skin looking healthy and our nails long and strong. As we age, daily supplementation is recommended in order to beat the decline of collagen production. Consuming collagen supplements allow us to absorb collagen directly into our bodies, which is a great addition to the collagen we naturally get from foods.